Are University of Phoenix credits transferable?

We understand that working adults like you contribute a lot to the table. You have achieved so much – and the work you have put in can help you save money and get your diploma faster. Are University of Phoenix credits transferable?

University Accreditation

The type of accreditation a school has is the biggest determining factor. Currently, the University of Phoenix is ​​regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, part of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. HLC is one of six regional accreditation bodies in the country recognized by the US Department of Education. Regional accreditation covers the entire institution, including all campuses and online programs, and is considered the most distinctive type of accreditation. National accreditation is also recognized by the US Department of Education, but many regionally accredited schools do not accept transfers from nationally accredited schools. The University of Phoenix regional accreditation status increases the likelihood of credit transfer.

Problems with University of Phoenix accreditation

Among the allegations that generally question the quality of online education for profit, HLC informed the University of Phoenix because of concerns about management, evaluation, research and scholarships. Although these allegations are serious and may result in the loss of accreditation status by the University of Phoenix, most schools that have received these warnings successfully resolve problems and are exempted from suspension. Since July 2015, the University of Phoenix is ​​still accredited. The notification status has been lifted and is not subject to any other academic sanctions.

Are University of Phoenix credits transferable?

Equality of course work

Some schools have credit transfer agreements, called articulation agreements, that allow students to transfer their diploma work to the undergraduate program. The University of Phoenix website lists articulation agreements that must accept loans from other institutions, but not those that may need to be accepted. Traditionally, determining work equivalence with a course is a time consuming process that is conducted individually for each course by the college faculty you plan to attend. Recently, schools have started using computer database programs to speed up the process. Check the university’s website to see what database they can use, if any.

You don’t have transfer credits for studies?

All right Thanks to the prior learning (PLA) assessment process, you can potentially gain recognition for what you know by sending copies of relevant certificates and transcripts or by writing an experimental journal. PLA works in two ways:

  1. Ask for assessment of the training in terms of passing.

We have already evaluated many popular licensing programs and corporate training in the six areas below.

  1. Write a diary about your life experiences.

If you have loans that cannot be transferred or no loans at all, don’t worry.



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