Can feel IUD strings?

When the doctor inserted the insert, he left one or two thin plastic strings hanging down to the vaginal canal. These strings are about 2 inches long – just that you can feel them with your fingertip. Can feel IUD strings?

Many women can’t feel these strings. There is usually nothing to worry about, but you should still use a backup form of birth control until you can locate the strings or contact your doctor.

You may not be able to sense the strings because:

  • The strings are high in the vagina
  • You may not feel them because they were too short to reach them.
  • The strings curled into the cervix

Sometimes the strings are wound next to the cervix. They may even be hidden in a fold of vaginal tissue. The strings may fall back into place during the next period, so make a note of it during this time.


This happens when the IUD falls out of the uterus. Although this is not common, it is still possible. When this happens, it usually happens in the first year of establishment.

 Can feel IUD strings?


Here’s the thing: when it comes to being able to feel the insole, there are good and bad feelings. The intrauterine device means an intrauterine device because the small T-shaped device is inside the womb – not in the vagina. After inserting the earmold, you should not feel the letter T at all. What you should be able to feel is the strings, this is how the IUD works, and this is completely normal. The IUD has cords passing through the cervix to ensure that a healthcare professional can safely remove it in a timely manner. It’s perfectly normal that you can feel the strings when you reach the top of your vagina with your fingers – in fact, the strings can help you or your supplier say that your insole is in place. Less often, but still normally, your partner feels the strings when you put them on. For some people and their partners, the chains are more noticeable if the insert has just been inserted, and they become softer and less noticeable over time.

Be creative

With or without an IUD, some sex positions may feel better than others. Try it in different ways and see which ones are best. By the way, give yourself some time to start. Foreplay is your friend! The vagina lengthens when you wake up, which may mean that the intrauterine device strings are less likely to feel when it gets hot.



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